50th Reunion

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10/27/12 05:40 PM #1    

Shauna Burgon (Valentine)

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05/23/13 03:47 PM #2    

Stephen Cranney

I'm looking for an online way to register for the upcoming reunion. The website just says forms are coming but I haven't seen them yet.  

Stephen Cranney

05/24/13 03:26 PM #3    

Nancy Trunnell

To Steve Cranney, I sent you a private message on the website but you might not see it.  I'm a little unsure of how certain aspects of this website work, so please excuse me.  I said you can't really register for the reunion on the website, but if you send me your current address, phone, and e-mail address either here or privately to my email address of nanojet@earthlink.net, I can make sure a registration packet is mailed to you.  I'm not sure why you didn't get one.  We tried very hard to find everyone's current contact info, but we know some slipped through the cracks.  We very much want as many classmates as possible to attend the reunion!!  Actually, it's better for record-keeping for us to have a paper registration form from you, but if you don't want to wait, the reunion is $45 per person - this covers the Hawaiian buffet dinner on Friday night, Aug 9th at the new Orem HIgh and many other incidental reunion costs.  I am the treasurer and you could send a check to me at PO Box 980844, Park City, UT 84098, but would rather you wait and receive the official registration packet, which also lists more details related to the reunion.  Thanks, Nancy Trunnell

05/27/13 11:10 AM #4    

Pat Gordon (Gappmayer)

Nancy, I noticed in the registration packet there was no address listed to send our money to.  If you did like I did and threw your return address envelope away, there's no address to send it to.  Unless I missed something.


05/27/13 05:02 PM #5    

Pat Gordon (Gappmayer)

Sorry about that everyone!!  I just found the address in the reg. packet.  We send it to Nancy. So I apologize for being so blind!!

05/27/13 06:03 PM #6    

Nancy Trunnell

Thanks Pat!  I was sure my name and address were on the registration form, so glad you found it!  The return address on the packet was Steve Smith's anyway, but he's not the treasurer, I am!  Everyone, please send in your registration forms and checks as soon as possible.  We want this fabulous 50th reunion to be well-attended!  smiley

08/22/13 11:06 AM #7    

Pat Gordon (Gappmayer)

Thanks to the committee for a great reunion!  So much fun!  Loved the photo booth.




11/13/13 11:23 AM #8    

Ruth Anne Soles (Wilcox)

Is anyone going to post some pictures of the reunion?  Would love to see them!


11/20/13 04:15 PM #9    

Sandra Cross (Lyon)

Ruth Anne,

I'm working on it.  This website is smarter than me.

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